Waterproof Your Basement to Keep It in Good Condition

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Have you noticed any water leaks in your basement? If you have then it’s time to contact a foundation repair company in Massachusetts for basement waterproofing. Noticeable leaks mean that it’s time for basement ceiling as well as other waterproofing repairs. The only way to determine which options will work best for you is to follow the guidance provided by a professional foundation and waterproofing company. They have the skills, experience, training and equipment needed to find the problem.

Find the Source of Leakage First

In order to effectively determine repair options, it’s important to find the leak first. The source of moisture will determine the type of repairs you will need. It’s actually common for basement to start taking on moisture within 10 to 15 years after construction. Up to 60% of basements tend to be wet in this timeframe, and 33% may experience mold and mildew problems. In some cases, moisture could be the result of condensation due to cracks in your foundation. Basements that are finished without the application of the sealant tend to leak and suffer due to moisture.

Let the Professionals Choose the Right Sealant for Your Basement

A silicate sealant can protect concrete from water, water vapor and radon gas. Essentially, they reduce any type of development of condensation while protecting against the growth of fungi, mold and mildew. Silicate sealers for your basement walls can also hold up against water pressure that’s high, no matter where it’s coming from. Be sure to ask about the other uses for silicate sealant since they can also be used on outside surfaces such as concrete, porous brick, limestone, cementitious material and stucco. When you combine the application of sealants and crack repairs for basement is guaranteed to remain dry. Contact Basement Technologies at website for more details. Follow us on Google+.

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