What To Do When You Have Water Damage In Fountain, CO

by | May 29, 2018 | Restoration Services

In Colorado, property owners sustain water damage due to water leaks, leaky roofing, and floods. The damage could increase the development of mold and mildew inside the property. The presence of excessive water can cause more damage if it isn’t managed promptly. A local restoration service provides remediation for Water Damage in Fountain CO.

Turning Off the Water

A contractor will shut down the water leading to the property during the restoration process. The action lowers the chances of any further water flowing through the property. It also lowers the chances of a water pipe bursting due to extreme temperatures.

Extracting the Water from the Property

Industrial vacuums and dryers are used to pull water and moisture from the property. The technicians may also use dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the walls and flooring. Once all water is removed, the service provider can see all the damage properly.

Documenting the Water Damage

The insurance provider needs images of all water damage. Any personal items that were damaged during the water leak or flood are also photographed. A report from the service provider is necessary for the insurance claim. The restoration service could file the claim for the property owner if they prefer.

Starting the Sanitation Process

The affected area is cleaned completely. All dirt and debris are removed from the flooring, walls, and ceilings. Any flooring that is too damaged is removed during the cleaning process. Any mold or mildew requires the technicians to follow specific EPA regulations for removing it.

The Restoration Process

The service provider begins the restoration process by replacing the flooring first. Any sheetrock that is damaged is replaced, sealed, and painted. Ceilings are repaired, and damaged roofing is corrected or replaced. The service provider discusses the cost of the restoration requirements as compared to the available funds.

In Colorado, property owners manage water damage by hiring restoration services. The damage could lead to serious issues that compromise the stability of the flooring, framing, and the property’s support system. Property owners who have water damage in Fountain CO can visit Sitename and schedule an appointment right now.

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