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Recognize when It’s Time for Repair or Siding Installation in Hammond

The siding on a home is a priority when it comes to protecting it. Old or damaged siding can expose a home to water as well as wind. How does one know when it’s time to call for repair, replacement or Siding Installation in Hammond? Here are some things to watch for:

Loose Pieces of Siding

Occasionally inspect the siding of the home. This is very important after a storm since strong winds can loosen siding boards. If touching the siding causes it to rattle or move, this is an indication of an issue. One or two loose boards can typically be repaired. However, if there is more extensive damage, siding replacement could be needed.

Cracking & Warping

Extreme temperatures can be tough on the siding of a home. It can warp or crack in these conditions. If anything out of the ordinary appears, call a professional siding contractor to do a thorough inspection to determine how serious the damage is. If the issue isn’t addressed, this can lead to water damage. Don’t take any chances.

Water Damage

There are several different indications that there is water damage involved when it comes to siding. Check the exterior of the house for mold and mildew. Also, look for softening or bubbling of the panels of siding. If there are signs of mold inside the home or peeling paint or wallpaper, these are indicators that there is excessive moisture in the walls.

Increase in Energy Bills

The cool or warm air can start to escape from the home when the siding is old or damaged. This can also happen if it wasn’t installed correctly initially. This forces the heating and air conditioning systems to have to work harder and drive the energy bills up. Always go with a professional for repair or installation to increase the energy efficiency of a home.

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