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When You Need Reroofing in Spokane Valley

Many homeowners think little about their roofs as they enjoy their home, and the signs you might need reroofing are not always obvious. To protect yourself against costly damage down the road due to leaks or cave-ins, you need to know the important signs your roof might be at the end of its life. If you fail to look for them, you might not notice the danger until it is too late.

When in doubt, look to your shingles. If the edges of your shingles are curled, or the shingle tabs are cupped, this is a sure sign that they are either faulty or at the end of their lifespan. Curled shingles allow water and other debris to collect. Over time, leaks and mold might form, causing serious problems within the house.

Bald Spots

This is another serious sign you might need reroofing in Spokane Valley. If you look at your roof and notice bald spots where granules are missing, you likely need to replace your roof. This will also lead to serious complications that put everything in your home at risk. Professional roofers, such as those found at Premier Roofing Contractors, will inform you about your replacement options and give you an estimate.

The Life of Your Roof

If your roof is at least twenty years old, you likely need to hire a reroofing service. Most shingles are made to last, but they cannot weather everything. Over time, their integrity will weaken, and your roof will no longer be safe. The average roof is expected to last between twenty and twenty-three years, depending on maintenance and other factors. If you know for a fact that your roof is at least twenty years old, you should not hesitate to call in a professional. They will thoroughly inspect your roof for trouble spots and help you determine the best course of action. View website for Re-roofing in Spokane Valley.