Methods of Shingle Replacement in Georgetown

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Roofing

There are many reasons shingles have to be replaced on a roof. The most common reason is due to some blowing off during a storm. Normal wear and tear can also result in the need for Shingle Replacement in Georgetown. In those cases, replacing the shingles is a minor repair because the numbers are low. It takes a roofer little time to get on the roof and place a few shingles in vacant spots. Many companies merely staple the shingles in place, and the integrity of the roof is restored. Using a staple gun makes the replacement go faster, but can compromise the quality of the roof.

Staples can come loose, be weakened by strong winds, and may not keep the shingles secured flat to the roof. That can promote leaks, cause the shingles to shift in place, and loosen surrounding shingles. nailing the shingles in place by hand ensures a tight, flat, and proper fit. The shingles will lay flat, help keep other shingles in place, and not curl up in heavy rains, or strong winds. It is quite possible that Shingle Replacement in Georgetown, that is completed with staples will have to be done again in the event of a hurricane, or severe thunderstorm. That means frequent shingle replacement. Those repairs will add up quickly, and can get worse with every storm. Before too long, a whole section of shingles has to be replaced, or the whole roof may have to be replaced.

Another reason to replace shingles is to place more energy-efficient shingles on the roof. Older shingles were not designed to be energy-efficient. They can actually be costing more money in utility bills each year, than the cost of a roof replacement. An inspection to determine the age of the shingles, the condition of the roof, and the structural stability of the components is a smart idea. it is certainly recommended before purchasing any home on the market. Many companies offer free initial inspections of the roof. They can compare the properties of the current shingles with those of newer products. That process will let homeowners know what options are available, if they can save any money with a replacement project, and what a project of that scale will cost. Be sure the roofing contractor uses nails, rather than staples to secure the shingles.

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