Why Invest in a Tin Ceiling in New Haven, CT?

by | May 16, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

The damage done to the roof in a recent storm did not end there. Thanks to all the rain that got into the attic, the ceiling is not in the best shape. Once the roof is repaired and the leaking has stopped, the owner can begin to consider different options for the ceiling. Here are some of the reasons why considering the installation of a tin ceiling New Haven CT makes sense.

Easy to Install

One of the benefits of going with a Tin Ceiling New Haven CT is the ease of installation. When the plan is to use tiles instead of panels, it will not take long to install the framework to support them. If the home was already equipped with a tiled ceiling, there is a good chance of finding tin tiles in the right sizes to fit the existing framework. That will make the installation all the easier.

Adding Style to the Room

Whether using tin tiles or panels, there is the opportunity to add visual interest to the room. The tin can be coated with any color that the owner wants. Stamping the material to create designs is another way to boost the impact that the new ceiling has on the space. Thanks to the versatility of the tin, it’s easy to have a ceiling that is as simple or as ornate as the client wants.


The reason for the new ceiling installation is because of the damage done to the roof. What would happen if another storm came through the area and more leaks developed? If the owner has invested in a tin ceiling, there will be no water marks or soggy tiles to deal with. At best, the owner will want to dry out the attic and make sure the insulation is not saturated. The ceiling will look just fine.

There are other reasons to consider the installation of a tin ceiling New Haven CT. Contact the team at Abingdon Construction today and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. After taking a look at the ceiling and talking over alternatives with the client, it will be easy to come up with a solution that is practical, attractive, and will serve the homeowner well for many years.

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