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3 Myths About Epoxy Floor Coating

For a commercial or residential concrete floor, adding an epoxy floor coating offers a very cost-effective, durable and beautiful flooring option. These coatings have changed significantly over the years and since their first use in the mid to late part of the 1960s.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths that circulate on the internet or even with some contractors not familiar with working with the coating. There is also a lot of difference in the quality of coatings used by professional installers specializing in epoxy coatings for floors and the do-it-yourself kits sold at the local hardware stores.

Myth: Anyone Can Apply Epoxy

Technically, anyone can spread the epoxy floor coating on the surface, but this is not the same as understanding the application process. There is significant surface preparation that has to be completed for the product to adhere to the surface of the concrete.

Failing to do this first step correctly will leave an irregular surface, blistering of the coating and even peeling of the coating within a very short period of time. Hiring professionals is a cost-effective way to prevent this costly mistake.

Myth: Epoxy is Easily Damaged

One of the reasons that epoxy floor coating is so popular in commercial applications is because of its durability. New types of epoxy are resistant to oil, grease, chemicals, bleaches and even impact from objects dropped on the floor.

Of course, correct application of the epoxy finish is required to achieve this level of protection. Once applied it bonds with the surface of the floor, lasting for a lifetime even in industrial or commercial buildings, garages and high traffic areas.

The final myth is that epoxy is too costly and will need to be replaced regularly. Again, this will depend on the company you choose to complete the application of the floor coating. Top companies now offer a lifetime warranty, meaning your floor surface will never need to be replaced, dramatically adding to its cost-effectiveness.