Caring For Faux Wood Laminate Flooring in Jacksonville

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Floor & Roof

When a homeowner decides to have Faux Wood Laminate Flooring in Jacksonville installed, it is likely they will enjoy the aesthetics it provides. Wood laminate is relatively inexpensive and will give rooms a burst of class without an expensive price tag attached. It is important to take steps in caring for this type of flooring, so its appearance lasts for several years. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Make Sure To Clean Floors Regularly

Like other flooring options, laminate flooring will require routine cleaning. Failing to clean floors can lead to a grungy film upon their surfaces. This will become difficult to remove if it is left in place for too long. Investing in a cleaning agent made especially for this flooring type is best. It can be applied with a soft-bristled broom or soft-head mop. It is important to remove the cleaning agent in its entirety with a clean, dry cloth.

Avoid Scratching The Floor

Wood laminate floors will require some planning when furniture is to be moved in a room where it is present. It is best to use felt pads underneath heavy pieces of furniture, so the floor does not become scraped if a piece is moved. When walking across the floor, removing shoes at the entryway to the home can be helpful in keeping debris away from the laminate surface. This will reduce the likelihood of scratches from debris trapped in the grooves of soles of shoes.

Make Replacements When Necessary

If a portion of a laminate floor becomes damaged, it is important to have a professional install new flooring promptly. Failing to remove the damaged flooring can lead to an escalation of damage. A professional will cut a new piece of flooring to fit and will install it so damage is no longer visible.

When there is a desire to keep Faux wood laminate flooring in Jacksonville looking like new, calling a professional for some additional tips in its care is an option. Contact Precision Flooring today to find out more about the services they provide. An appointment can be made to speak with a specialist if needed.

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