Why it Is Becoming Common to Find a Copper Ceiling In New Haven, CT Homes

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

For decades homeowners have been installing elegant copper ceilings in order to add warmth and beauty to rooms. In fact, if anyone wants to see a Copper Ceiling New Haven CT Victorian homes offer plenty of examples. But the look is not limited to older structures. Today businesses like Abingdon Construction get plenty of requests from homeowners who want to cover original ceiling materials with metal tiles. Copper ceilings are easy to maintain, durable and available in a range of patterns.

Copper Ceilings Increase Property Values

Metal ceilings are so beautiful that they increase home values. When a home includes a Copper Ceiling New Haven CT owners often have less trouble selling it. Many house hunters are drawn to the unusual, antique look. Metal ceilings are also prized for their durability. Unlike standard building materials and finishes, metal is mildew resistant and cannot be damaged by insects. It also resists moisture and does not crack.

Suppliers Offer a Variety of Styles

When choosing, a Copper Ceiling New Haven CT homeowners can select from a huge range of patterns. Metal ceilings actually consist of individual tiles. Each one has a pattern pressed into it. Modern manufacturers offer a range of patterns ranging from flowery to sleek and geometric. The tiles are actually made of tin that is covered with a copper finish. Tiles are also available in bare, powder coated and polished finishes, and they can be painted. In order to help clients compare options, sites like http://abingdonconstruction.com often include a “Click here” option that links to a gallery of metal ceiling photos.

Easy Maintenance Tiles Offer Durable Protection

Copper ceilings can actually strengthen a home’s structure. Tiles protect surfaces underneath them. In fact, many clients install metal ceilings as a way to cover original ceiling flaws in older homes. Metal tiles are fireproof and, unlike typical building materials, do not warp. They require very little maintenance to stay beautiful for decades.

The elegant copper ceilings that were once a hallmark of Victorian homes are becoming fashionable again. Homeowners not only love the beauty and durability of metal ceilings, but also the wide variety of available styles.

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