Cracked Foundation Repair In Baltimore Should Be Performed By An Experienced Company

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

A foundation is not supposed to have cracks in it. Cracks in a foundation are a sign there are water problems around the walls that need to be corrected. Although caulking helps with waterproofing around doors or windows, it should never be used to seal cracks in a foundation.

Some homeowners will try to save money by repairing the cracks themselves, only to cause further damage to their foundation. Only an experienced waterproofing company should perform Cracked Foundation Repair in Baltimore. In addition to sealing cracks, a foundation will need the water problem that’s causing cracks corrected at the same time.

No Water

Although water isn’t visibly seen coming through a crack, it will eventually and excessive moisture will come in. Once a crack appears, it’s only a matter of time until an owner will see water trickling through the crack.

It’s Only A Little Bit Of Water

Homeowners will often excuse a little bit of water coming through a crack in their foundation. A small amount of water in one location means there are water problems throughout the basement. Water in a basement will cause a mold problem in a home and could make occupants ill.

Sealing A Crack

The best way to seal a crack is by putting a V-groove in a crack and filling it with hydraulic cement. Using caulking, epoxy, or other material will result in failure. In addition to sealing the crack, the drainage system should be inspected and possibly repaired.


When Cracked Foundation Repair in Baltimore takes place, an Armored Basement Waterproofing System should also be installed. The floor will have to be removed from the outside walls to install a new drainage system at the footer of a home. Perforated PVC pipe and gravel will be put into the excavated area.

New cement will be poured over the concrete and PVC. The drainage pipes will connect to a pit where a pump will remove the water from the foundation area to the outside of a home. Once this is complete, the basement will be dry.

If you’re interested in improving your basement and eliminate the water problem, contact Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC for more information.

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