Slimline Pools in Tampa, FL – Getting a Pool Built In Your House

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Swimming Pool

Slimline pools in Tampa, FL are a great addition to any house. If you don’t want the swimming pool to be too wide, but want it to be long enough so that you can swim a few laps, these pools are a fantastic choice. As the name suggests, these pools are narrow and longer than conventional house pools, allowing you to swim over a longer distance. If you want to get a swimming pool built in your house, you should talk to a local pool contractor. The length, width, and depth of the pool varies depending upon your requirements, so a custom design is most suitable. You should look at houses nearby to find out a viable pool design.

Digging Work

Eco pools are designed to consume minimal resources while preserving the freshness of the water for a longer period of time. Local companies such as Natural Springs Pools will first give you an estimate for the work along with a deadline for completion. The digging work will only begin once you have agreed to the terms of the contract. Custom built concrete pools are usually lined with concrete along with a pool liner around the sides to prevent leakages. A filter is also installed close to the pool to clean the water.


While slimline pools are a great choice, you should know that they require significant maintenance work from time to time. If you notice a leakage in the pool, you should contact a pool contractor right away. Apart from that, the filter that is installed within the pool must be replaced after every month or so. The filter pump itself will last you several years if used properly. Make sure you understand the maintenance costs of slimline pools before you get one built.

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