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Epoxy Floor Coating in Kansas City Is a Popular Choice for Transforming a Floor

Want to turn your gray and stained concrete garage floor into one that looks like granite, terrazzo or quartz? Then you only need to obtain an epoxy floor coating in Kansas City. However, the work has to be completed by professionals, as every step of the coating process requires meticulous attention to detail.

How the Process Begins

The floor initially must be prepped for the epoxy coating. This phase of the project includes the use of a diamond grinder and vacuum to collect residue and debris. When a grinder is used on the floor, the finish for the flooring can be applied more easily.

How the Grinder Is Used

The grinder machine gets rid of any unsightly tire marks or prior coatings, resulting in a concrete floor that is pristine and clean. This step is crucial if you want the epoxy floor coating to adhere to the concrete and create a durable bond. Once the grinding is finished, the remaining dust and residue is swept up and the hairline cracks are filled in using an epoxy-type patch. If any major cracks are noted, various ways to repair the damage are discussed before the coating is applied.

Applying a Primer and Base Coat

The floor of the garage is also prepared with a primer and base coat. The industrial quality epoxy finish features a low VOC and is considered LEED compliant. The coating is mixed on-site based on the size of the garage floor area. The product is then applied to the concrete floor using a squeegee. A rolling and back-rolling technique is used for optimum adhesion.

Use a Professionally Skilled Technician to Ensure Success

As you can see, this part of the preparation process requires skill and experience. It is not a do-it-yourselfer task that involves the use of store-bought cans. You need to use the skills of an epoxy floor coating specialist. Once you see the results, you will have no regrets.