Fantastic Tips for Simplified Pool Maintenance in League City

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Swimming Pool

A residential swimming pool is beneficial for numerous purposes including water-based sports, aesthetic value, or simply fun in the sun. However, this water-filled structure has many expensive parts including the filter and pump. To keep these parts functional, maintain visual clarity, and retain a healthful swimming environment, it’s prudent to perform Pool Maintenance in League City. These simplified tips can assist with this ongoing job.

Before starting pool upkeep, make a checklist of tasks to be done regularly or intermittently. Place this checklist in a visible location for easy reference. Check off tasks after they are done to keep up with maintenance jobs. It’s helpful to have an ample supply of pool chemicals and pool equipment handy. Keep these items in a secure location close to the pool but away from children.

One of the main tasks in performing Pool Maintenance in League City is to remove unwanted items from the swimming pool such as dead bugs, litter, leaves, and refuse. Use a pool skimmer for this task. This is a net attached to a pole. A skimmer adjustable pole will make it easier to handle the skimmer and reach items at varying distances. When skimming the pool, empty out the strainer baskets. Simply detach these from the pool and shake them out. Use a garden hose to dislodge difficult-to-remove materials. Check the pool at least once a week to see if it needs skimming.

Another helpful suggestion is to check the water level of the swimming pool. Factors such as pool exiting and evaporation can lead to lower water levels. The water level should remain above the level of the skimmer. Doing this will help prevent damage to the pool’s pump. Simply use a garden hose to fill up the pool to the desired level. Be vigilant when filling a pool, so the water does not go above the top of the pool.

Being a responsible swimming pool owner includes pool upkeep. By using these easy tips, this job can be done more efficiently and effectively. To get more information on swimming pools and swimming pool services, please talk to a professional at Cryer Pools & Spa. This swimming pool store has an abundant supply of pool chemicals to satisfy customers’ pool needs.

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