Have Trap Cleaning In Magnolia TX Performed Regularly

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Septic Tanks

Traps have been part of plumbing since the late 1800’s. Grease traps are in kitchens and many food preparation businesses, or restaurant will have a grease trap. Traps are designed to catch grease and grime that enters a drainage system. Oil and water do not mix so the oil or grease will stay on top of the water and continue to increase over time. Grease traps specifically catch the grease and must have Trap Cleaning in Magnolia TX performed on a regular basis to keep them operating efficiently and eliminate large accumulations from occurring.

In the restaurant industry, the grease traps are usually made of pre-cast concrete. Every grease trap performs the same basic operation no matter what the size is. They do a wonderful job of catching grease from the drainage and waste system. A small or large trap still needs experienced Trap Cleaning in Magnolia TX with a pump trunk to remove the waste. As a grease trip continues to fill, the water and the grease can no longer separate from each other. Grease traps will fill from the top to the bottom, so it is very difficult to measure how much grease is actually in the trap.

Regular maintenance by a trained technician ensures a business will not be prohibited from conducting their business due to a clogged or slow-moving grease trap. An owner can measure the grease trap with a stick, but the trap will still need to be cleaned. Placing a hand in a pile of grease is not the most pleasant thing to do. Systems that do not receive proper maintenance can back up, and a food preparation business may be cited by inspectors due to this problem. Eliminating the amount of grease being transported into a septic system or public waste water facility will eliminate costly clogs further in the system.

There’s no need to be stuck with a clogged sink in the middle of a food preparation rush due to a lack of maintenance. Contact a professional trap cleaning service to arrange a maintenance schedule for routine cleanings. For more information on trap cleaning, please feel free to visit website domain. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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