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The Inherent Challenges of Sealant Joint Repair in Philadelphia, PA

If masonry is a complicated field, masonry repair is doubly challenging. Attention to detail is key, as seemingly minor jobs such as sealing joints can lead to even more damage further down the line. Nothing is more frustrating than paying a professional to get the job done right then finding the repairs have failed. Unfortunately, this is often exactly what happens. Property owners may find it helpful to take a look at common reasons that sealant joint repair in Philadelphia, PA ends up being necessary to avoid future issues.

The most common issue that causes joint sealant to fail is improperly sized joints. There is not much margin of error for sizing joints. If they are too narrow, they will push the sealant out. If they are too wide, it will sag. Either way unwanted leaks are the inevitable result. The ideal depth of sealant is one-half the width of the joint. Most joints should be sized between one quarter of an inch and two inches depending on what type of sealant is used. If these measurements are not followed, further repairs will likely be required.

Choosing the right sealant for joint size and location is equally as important, and equally often goes unconsidered during masonry construction and restoration. This is more complicated than it immediately sounds to the uninitiated, as the type of sealant necessary depends on everything from depth and width of the joints to expected joint movement. It’s also important to note that poorly chosen sealants can cause damage to the substrate as well as discoloration and disintegration of the sealant itself.

Even if the joints are sized correctly and the right sealant is chosen, there is still room for human error. Applying the sealant to a substrate that is not both clean and dry will cause adhesion problems. Using the wrong solvent or allowing it to be contaminated can have a similar result. Even the weather conditions on the day the sealant is applied can impact how quickly it cures and whether or not it forms an effective seal.

It should be clear by now that only an experienced professional with extreme attention to detail should be trusted with sealant joint repair in Philadelphia, PA. Such professionals are employed by Mara Restoration.