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Not All Asphalt Roofing Shingles are the Same

If you want a cost-effective material for your roof, choose asphalt shingles. However, you have many choices when it comes to asphalt roofing shingles today. Some have excellent warranties and resist high winds, hail and other hazards. In fact, thanks to PMA and SBS type shingles, you receive a trouble-free roof for many years. So, what are these materials and why are they important for shingles? Let’s take a closer look and see.

Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) Shingles

Polymers are a special material because the molecules link together to create flexible properties. In fact, some polymers take on characteristics of rubber. When you add specially created polymers to asphalt shingles, they become flexible and durable.
Standard asphalt shingles offer excellent water protection. However, over time, the sun cracks them, and they break down – this doesn’t happen with PMA roofing shingles.

SBS Shingles

Styrene butadiene is a synthetic rubber product. It creates a hard rubber, resistant to wear and abrasion. When added to asphalt shingles, they are tougher and resistant to high winds and damage. In other words, SBS creates impact resistant properties.

If you live in an area with frequent high winds and severe storms, you may want to consider SBS shingles for your home. In fact, you may receive a discount on your home insurance when you buy impact resistant products.

Asphalt Roofing Options

If you are on a tight budget, choose standard asphalt shingles. However, they are best for northern climates and areas with short summers. Down South, the hot sun is hard on shingles, and it pays to buy quality materials for your home.

Fiberglass reinforced shingles are not too expensive. They offer more protection than standard asphalt shingles. Talk to your local roofer. He can show you all the available options and chat with you about the right choice for materials.