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Installing Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA To Keep Safe

When someone cares for an elderly person, they are usually worried about their safety as they make their way around the home. The bathroom is usually one room where slip and fall accidents could occur because of the additional moisture in the area. To help keep the elderly person safe, it is a good idea to do a few changes to the room to improve their chances in remaining on their feet as they make their way around.

One way to help reduce falling incidents is with the installation of Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA. This is a great addition to a bathroom and will make it much easier for the person to use the tub with minimal or no assistance. The tub will have a hinged door, making it easy for the person to walk into the bathing area rather than need to lift their legs to do so. There will be a chair portion in the tub where they can sit down to do their bathing rather than having to stand as they would in a shower, or sit down in a low area as they would with a standard bathtub. There is also the option of using a hand-held shower head to do the bathing so reaching up to control the water controls is not necessary.

Other additions one can make to a bathroom include handrails around risky areas like the tub and toilet. These can be screwed directly into the wall, giving the person a stable area to hold on to as they use these features. It is important to make sure there is enough lighting in the room so the person can see where they are stepping so falling is not as likely. Adding a communication source to the room, such as an intercom system, will also be helpful so others in the home could be alerted if the person needs assistance.

If a homeowner is interested in purchasing one of the Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA, they will need to find a reliable contractor to install it. Contact a company like Guedes Construction Inc. to get the job done at an affordable cost.