Signs It’s Time to Call a Local Window Service in Mission Viejo, CA

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

It’s possible for wooden window sashes and frames to remain in great shape for decades. When something happens and the windows deteriorate to the point that repairs are out of the question, it makes sense to call a local Window Service in Mission Viejo CA and arrange for a contractor to take a look. Here are some of the more common reasons professional assistance is needed to ensure the windows are providing the greatest range of benefits.

There’s A Breeze While the Window is Closed

A breeze is a wonderful thing when the weather is nice and the owner wants the windows open. Noticing a breeze when the windows are closed is not a welcome circumstance. Air is seeping in around the sashes and making it more difficult to control the temperature inside the house. Instead of trying to deal with the situation alone, it makes sense to call a local Window Service in Mission Viejo CA and see what a professional has to say. Depending on the overall condition of the windows, it may be possible to make some alterations and eliminate the problem. If the windows are in poor condition, replacing them may be the best bet.

The Sashes are Hard to Open

There’s no hint of a breeze when the window is closed, but trying to raise a sash when the weather is nice takes a lot of muscle. Sashes are supposed to go up and down without much effort. A professional can determine if a sash is warped or if the tracks need to be replaced. Once the repairs are made, opening a couple of windows and creating a cross breeze in the house will not be difficult at all.

The Sashes Won’t Stay Up

It takes no effort to raise a sash, but keeping it up is another matter. Unless some type of prop is used, the sash will come crashing down. A professional can determine what needs to be done to ensure the sash stays in exactly the position that the homeowner wants. That will bring an end to hearing a sudden crash and possibly breaking a pane or two.

Visit  and learn more about the care and maintenance of wooden sashes and frames. Call for help if something is not working properly. It won’t take long to come up with the right solution and get the most from those windows.

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