Learning About Road Line Striping in Worcester MA for Commercial and Institutional Facilities

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Drivers typically notice new road line striping in Worcester MA on highways with fresh new blacktop. The dark, smooth road and the bright lines make a remarkable difference compared with the faded highway and lines that were in evidence a short time ago. Many people never think about how many commercial and institutional facilities need this service done as well. It doesn’t go on for dozens or hundreds of miles, but it can be essential nonetheless.

Any private or government-associated property that has private roads running through it benefits from clearly marked lanes when those roads experience a great deal of two-way traffic. In some cases, arrows are painted along with road line striping in Worcester MA to indicate where drivers should go. In a large park, for example, a driver may encounter a fork in the road. Without arrows painted on the pavement, this person wouldn’t realize that both the road to the right and the one to the left are intended to accommodate traffic moving in one direction only.

This type of paint isn’t the kind applied to building exteriors and interiors. There are varying kinds of road paint, depending on the pavement and the environment. One kind is made of a plastic liquid that can handle the heavy and frequent traffic moving over it. It takes a long time for this paint to fade, even with the abuse of thousands of tires driving over it.

A company such as Premier Sealcoating and Line Striping typically can accommodate commercial and institutional enterprises by doing the road striping outside of normal business hours. Often that means working at night. However, trying to paint lines on roads when employees, customers or students are using them can be very inconvenient. Contractors like this also paint lines in parking lots, an important service for indicating where drivers are expected to put their vehicles. Research has shown that without visible markers in parking lots, drivers tend to take up much more space than is necessary, and that’s a problem for very busy facilities that need each space. Contact us to ask any questions about these services.

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