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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Roofer in Oshkosh WI

Where roofing repair and replacement are concerned, there are several important things to remember when choosing a contractor. In this article, homeowners can learn how to avoid the most common mistakes customers make when choosing a Roofer in Oshkosh WI.

Not Choosing a Licensed and Insured Roofing Company

While some may be tempted to choose a handyman from a flyer or a Craigslist ad, this strategy can be costly and it can leave one vulnerable. A reliable roofer will have the right insurance and licensing for the area in which the company operates.

Not Selecting a Roofer Who Stands Behind the Job Done

Homeowners should always choose a roofer who offers a good guarantee on parts and labor. Steer clear of shaky guarantees that only cover one factor; a reliable roofer will always stand behind their work and use the best quality materials.

Not Picking a Contractor Who Honors Homeowner’s Insurance

If a home’s roof sustains hail or storm damage, there’s a high likelihood that the person’s homeowner’s insurance will cover part or all of the cost of repairs. Customers should choose a roofer who knows how to deal with insurers, to prevent being swindled on repairs.

Not Choosing an Experienced Contractor

A roofer like Motto & Sons Construction, who has worked with a variety of materials, is typically the best person for the job. There are so many options available that the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. By choosing an experienced local contractor, the customer is assured of getting one who can satisfy their roofing needs.

Not Getting a Written Estimate

When a person interviews potential contractors, they should get written estimates from each. These estimates allow homeowners to compare materials, warranty periods, and pricing. By getting a written estimate instead of a verbal quote, it’s easier to compare apples to apples when paying for a new roof.

Roof repair and replacement are some of the largest purchases a homeowner may make, and proper roof care is key in adding value and life to the home. The job’s quality is completely dependent upon the homeowner’s choice of materials and the Roofer in Oshkosh WI, who is installing them.