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Questions to Ask Your Swimming Pool Builder in Tampa

A swimming pool is an incredible addition to a home. It adds built-in recreation to your backyard and provides a place for people to gather. Also, you can work out in a swimming pool without going anywhere. Many exercise physiologists say that swimming is the best exercise, especially for those who don’t enjoy high-impact workouts such as running. Also, a swimming pool adds value to your home should you ever intend to sell it. You should consult with a swimming pool builder and ask a few questions before you start.

How Big Should My Pool Be?

Sizing a pool for a backyard has a few hidden conditions. In many different counties and cities, there are actually regulations for pools. Certain municipalities dictate how close a pool can be to the house, how wide the deck has to be, and even how high your fence needs to be around your pool. Not every municipality has the same regulations, but you should ask a swimming pool builder in Tampa about local regulations. The experts at Natural Springs Pools can advise you. They are talented custom pool builders who specialize in building pools in the area. Quality swimming pool contractors can build a pool that fits local requirements. Visit us at

Concrete or Tile?

Pools typically come in either concrete or tile. A concrete swimming pool can be built in just about any shape or size. However, concrete has about twice the conductivity of water, so if you plan to heat your pool, you will have to spend a lot more money to heat it up. Tile insulates much better than concrete but there are a limited number of shapes for ceramic tile pools. A swimming pool builder can answer questions about which pool is right for you based on your home and backyard.

These are only a few of the questions you should ask a contractor before you hire him or her to build a pool for you.

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