Signs It’s Time For Pool Liner Replacement in Suffolk County, NY

by | May 8, 2017 | Swimming Pool

A backyard swimming pool can be a relaxing oasis, allowing a home’s residents and their friends a place to unwind in the sun and cool off during the hot summer months. If not adequately cared for, though, they can quickly become a source of stress instead. Ensuring adequate chemical balance, water softness, and removal of debris can go a long way toward increasing the longevity of any backyard pool. However, even the best-maintained swimming pool will eventually require more extensive maintenance, like Pool Liner Replacement in Suffolk County NY. Catching the warning signs that this step will soon be necessary early and taking action immediately can help prevent further, more costly to repair, issues. Read on to find out what to look out for.

Significant Fading

Sun exposure will eventually cause damage to any pool liner. Vinyl liners are particularly susceptible to sun damage, becoming brittle and more likely to rip and suffer punctures over time. The inevitable result of allowing sun damage to continue to accrue is leaks and further degradation. If the liner is looking faded, and the color has changed significantly, it’s time to look into having it replaced.

Liner Looks Wrinkled

When the chemical balance in a pool gets out of whack it can cause the liner to become brittle and adopt a wrinkled appearance. When the liner is in this kind of shape it is much more likely to become torn or otherwise damaged. Unfortunately this damage cannot be addressed other than by removing the liner completely and replacing it with a new one. Just be sure not to make the same mistakes twice and check the pool’s pH and chemical levels more often to prevent frequent replacements.

Significant Water Loss

Just about every pool loses a little bit of water here and there. Some of it is due to swimmers splashing around, some is a result of natural evaporation. However, if a pool is losing more than about an inch of water a week, there is little chance that the sun or frequent use are to blame. More likely there is a hole or a tear in the liner. If the hole is small and easy to locate, it may be possible to patch it. However, the more likely outcome is needing Pool Liner Replacement in Suffolk County NY. Visit for more information.

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