Use Qualified Professionals For Stone Pointing In Wilmington, DE

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

New and historic masonry and stone buildings in Many areas of America need regular repair and maintenance to remain viable. Though people think of stone and masonry as very strong and durable materials, they can deteriorate because of changing temperatures and extreme weather conditions. Water damage is a very common reason for these buildings to deteriorate. Companies such as Mara Restoration, a woman-owned restoration, and preservation masonry company, can examine a building and design a restoration plan that will work.

Services To Look For

Stone pointing in Wilmington, DE and nearby areas is a common service that will help preserve masonry and stone buildings. Pointing is also available for brick buildings. Pointing consists of the removal of loose or damaged mortar seams that hold together brick and stone buildings. Then these areas have new matching mortar installed between the stones or bricks.

When properly done, the new and old work are closely matched. When the crumbling elements are replaced with new, strong mortar, the building is given years of additional life. The Eastern Seaboard states have damp, cold winters and hot summers.

The rains and changing temperatures can cause cracks in mortar elements that will then allow moisture to enter and do its damage. The masonry restoration and preservation experts can provide many services designed to keep moisture out and buildings strong.

In addition to pointing, these experts can replace broken stones or bricks with matching ones. They can offer services including thru-wall flashing installation, EIFS and stucco repair, water sealant removal and replacement, concrete repair and patching, masonry cleaning, and more.

Masonry Repairs

Stone pointing in Wilmington, DE is only the beginning of what may need to be done to save historic masonry buildings. Masonry stabilization and rebuilding and foundation crack injections may be needed. The whole exterior masonry and stone or brick surfaces may need a good masonry cleaning followed by coatings and waterproofing to keep damage from happening again. Missing or damaged stones and bricks may need to be replaced with matching materials. Then, if there are moisture problems, interior and exterior below-grade damp-proofing might be needed.

A beautiful masonry building can last for many decades if it receives the care it needs from experts in the masonry restoration and preservation field. Please go to the website for additional information.

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