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Pros and Cons of Installing In Ground Pools in Islip, NY

It can be very appealing to have a pool at home, especially during the hot summer months. Once the decision is made to get a pool, it’s time to figure out just which type of pool is best. The main options include above ground and In Ground Pools in Islip NY. Each type of pool has their pros and cons. Understanding these will help you make the right decision for your purposes.

Home Value

Having an in-ground pool can sometimes increase the value of a home, but this is truer in the south of the country where the pool can be used year round. An above-ground pool can sometimes detract from the value of a home, but is much easier to remove when it comes time to sell a home if this is desirable.

Associated Costs

Installing in ground pools in Islip NY is a lot more expensive than installing above-ground pools. It’s also important to take into consideration the cost of increased water used, increased electric use because of running the pump and, perhaps, heating the pool, and the chemicals necessary to keep the pool water clean and safe, as well as the expenses associated with closing and opening the pool as the seasons change.

Aesthetic Considerations

Above-ground pools only come in a limited number of shapes and sizes, while the options are greatly increased when choosing an in-ground pool. The cost of an in-ground pool and the look of the pool will vary based on the material chosen to make the pool. A vinyl pool is likely to be the least expensive, but there won’t be as many options when it comes to shape, although there will be lots of choices for colors and patterns. Other options include concrete and fiberglass, with concrete being the most popular choice. Rectangular pools tend to be popular now, as many people are embracing the idea of automatic pool covers for times when the pool is not in use. Another popular option is to use glass or ceramic tile to line the pool or at least the top part of the pool.

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